The Seven Chakra

Below we will list 7 stones commonly associated with the Seven Chakra.

Associated with the Root Chakra, Black Obsidian is recognized as a powerful protection stone for shielding against inner and outer negativity. Black Obsidian is beneficial for facilitating inner-growth, dispelling negativity, and encouraging compassion. Astrological sign(s): Scorpio, Sagittarius

Associated with the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian is recognized for its passionate and empowering energy. Carnelian is beneficial for inner-strength, resilience, and enriching romantic relationships or sexual desire. Astrological sign(s): Virgo; Colour/structure: deep tones of earthy and fiery reds, with some cream, brown and orange striations, smooth polished stone

Associated with the Throat Chakra, Blue Agate is recognized for its calming, protective and healing energy. Blue Agate is beneficial to improving self-confidence, communication and emotional and spiritual balance. Astrological sign(s): Gemini; Colour/structure: Dark blue and turquoise toned bands, smooth polished stone

Associated with the Heart Chakra, Jade is recognized as a stone of luck, joy and wisdom. Jade is beneficial for physical and emotional health, purifying energies and toxins, self-love, relationships, creativity and dream interpretation. Astrological sign(s): Virgo; Colour/structure: Variated tones of light blue-greens to rich and vibrant green, smooth polished stone

Associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, Sodalite is a stone of strength, truth and intuition. Sodalite’s calm and balancing energy is beneficial for encouraging communication, self-esteem, inner peace and mental clarity. Sodalite is useful for anxiety and insomnia. Astrological sign(s): Sagittarius; Colour/structure: Royal to deep blue with varied flecks of white, grey or orange, smooth polished stone

Amethyst: Associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, Amethyst is recognized for its grounding, cleansing and spiritual energy. Amethyst is benefical for promoting mental clarity and emotional healing, problem solving, and as spiritual/meditation aide. Astrological sign(s): Aquarius, Pisces; Colours/structure: Varied tones of light to dark purple, with veins of clear quartz, smooth polished stone

Associated with the Crown Chakra, Quartz is recognized as a powerful amplifying and clarifying stone. Regarded as the ‘master healer’ Quartz absorbs and amplifies personal intentions and the energies of other crystals (keep besides other crystals to give them a ‘boost’). Quartz is beneficial to facilitate mental, physical and spiritual healing, psychic ability, concentration, memory and meditation practices. Astrological sign(s): All; Colour/structure: Clear, semi-transparent with some striations, smooth polished stone

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